Hidden Mic Approaches: Day Game Mall Approach by Shy Guy

This is the first release of A Journey to Social Mastery's Hidden Mic Approaches. I attached a tiny microphone to Shy Guy's chest with tape and placed the actual digital recorder in his back pocket. To read Shy Guy's blog post of the approach, click the following link:


Description of the Approach

This is a day time approach done in a mall in New York City where Shy Guy opened with an opinion opener. We were originally against a railing looking forward when we noticed a two set coming up an escalator to the left of us and then walking by from behind.

Note: Shy Guy did not want me to begin the set with him. This became an issue since I was standing with him immediately before he opened this set. He wanted me to come into set when he gave me a signal (rubbing his head). I walked away from the railing and went into a sneaker store close by.

When I saw the signal I entered the set. Shy Guy then attempted to introduce me and then said to one of the girls that he didn't get their names. However, one of the girls felt like they were being set up and called us out on it.

Audio of the Approach

Note: Audio has been removed as per Shy Guy's request.

Lessons Learned

If you are with your wing when you open the set, then both of you are in the set together. Do not disengage from your wing and then enter the set as though you weren’t aware your wing was in a set. This will come off as unnatural and the set will sense this.