Product Review: Real Social Dynamics - Foundations Superconference DVD Set

I never thought highly of Real Social Dynamics (RSD), not because I used any of their products and wasn’t satisfied and not because I attended any of their conferences or bootcamps and wasn’t satisfied, but rather because of the reputation they received from The Game and other sources. I went to Jeffy’s World Tour workshop which was a free workshop in NYC and I received almost nothing of substantive value from it. Jeffy was very funny, but it did not feel like a workshop on seduction but rather a stand-up comedy show. I decided to give RSD a real go however by watching their Foundations Superconference Product. It consists of 8 DVDs and each DVD is a little over an hour.

I was expecting it to be a wash. A lot is talked about how RSD is trying to create a “natural” approach, so I couldn’t imagine what they would be teaching. The first two DVDs provided some interesting information but for about 2 ½ hours worth of video, I took very little notes. Then I started the third DVD and everything went into HYPERDRIVE. I was taking notes like CRAZY. Tyler began presenting topics we are all familiar with: Approaching, Opening, Congruence Tests, Hooking Points, etc. I began taking pages upon pages of notes. The coverageon Congruence Tests was excellent and the discussion on Reaching the Social Hook Point was amazing, I basically tripled my notes on that section of my PUA Handbook, among others. The last two DVDs of the set were more like the first two DVDs, in that it was interesting, but provided little concrete reusable information.

Overall I recommend this product. It has changed my social skills for the better.



June 25, 2008 at 9:10 PM

I'm going to assume that, that nice video clip is what those DvD's are all about. If this is the case I can't wait to get them and start watching.