Video: Mehow on Natural Game v. Routine Game

There is a debate raging in the community on whether natural game or routine based game is the future of pickup. I do not believe in natural game. Some people only associate the term routine to things like canned opinion openers, comfort routines (e.g., the cube or palm reading), and so on. However, a routine is anything, whether it be a neg, a tease, a story, a opener (of any sort), a kino sequence, that you repeat in different sets. Using this definition I believe that as your routines and your delivery of them, you should eventually reach a point where it appears extremely natural to those you are interacting with and you are not in your head with your own material. However, a pure "natural approach" I just do not think exists. Sure there are "naturals" out there who are good with women, but if you ask them to break it down for you, they most likely will not be able to. That is what the community is for, it allows you to reproduce results and understand social dynamics and why what you are doing is working or not working. It gives you the tools to troubleshoot and improve. But to go from not having any natural ability to being "a natural" to me seems a bit artificial and I do not believe it truly exists. Below is Mehow's take on all this:



June 22, 2008 at 11:57 AM

Cool video for one. My view on routines vs natural game would be more of a breakdown of "natural game" consisting of situational opening and going with the flow of things. Versus routines which are the training wheels to help you get out there until you find your own way whichever or whatever that may be. So with that said it's just a preference thing, I wish I could learn to think on my feet more and get a more natural flow.