Approaches: Elevator Approaches & My Approach Related Sticking Points

Just incase those who regularly read this blog were wondering why there has been an absence of posts lately, I shall provide a short explaination. I have been opening girls more regularly than normal. I am just getting more used to starting conversations with strangers. This left me with having to type up a whole bunch of approach reports which I just didn't have the time to do. For now on I will just select approaches to share that are interesting in some way instead of just posting about every single girl I open.

A new thing that I have been doing A LOT is opening girls in elevators. I had never done this before and the only reason I even began to do it is because I saw a David Wygant video in which he opened a woman in the elevator. The odd thing about opening in elevators is that the interaction time is extremely limited. Depending on what floor the girl got on at or is getting off at, the entire time you may be sharing space with her may be easily under a minute. I suppose the best way to do this would be to just go direct. However, so far I have only been opening with situational openers. They have been working very well for the minute or so of conversation I've been having, but obviously if I'm interested in a girl it is not going to produce results.

In general, I think my main two sticking points right now that I need address are: (1) opening immediately, and doing so consistently, and (2) opening direct. Sometimes I open a girl and I don't even think twice about it, other times I just have an issue where my mind goes blank. Normally once I open, things go pretty smooth and on a positive note, I normally open a girl if I'm interested, it is just sometimes the delay between seeing the girl and opening is unacceptable (anything above 10 seconds). Of course the only solution to any of this is just to keep approaching and opening.