Social Circle Game: My Third Apartment Party

Tonight I’m hosting a party at my apartment. It is the third such party I have done this year. I feel that every time I do it I get better at it. This is part of my overall strategy to become the hub of my social network.

The party begins at 7 p.m. I charge $5 admission per person and require everyone to bring their own beer. This was the requirement last time, however not everyone paid and hardly anyone brought their own beer. This time I made it explicitly clear. I informed everyone there will be a container on the first end table in the living room that I expect everyone to place their $5 in and that there is a 7/11 across the street and to pick up their favorite 6 pack before they come.

I have a professional beer pong table set up, games will begin promptly at 7:30, along with scheduled shots being done at 7:45, 8:30, and 9:15.

I order pizza at 8 p.m. By that time most people that are coming will have arrived. By 8:30 p.m. the pizza should be here.

At 10 p.m. the Ultimate Fighting Championship begins. It runs until about 1 a.m. Most people will watch, some won’t and will either socialize or play drinking games.

The first party had 10 people. The second party had only 5, though 13 had told me they were coming. As a result, I realized that to combat any issue of flaking I increased the amount of people I have invited to approximately 30 people. I estimate my apartment can comfortably handle about 15 people and that is just about how many people said they would come. I have already had a few people flake, but I hope to arrive at about 10 people for the evening. I have also increased the number of females I am inviting in attempt to even out the male/female ratio.

I will give an update tomorrow afternoon on the results of the party.