Social Circle Game: Results of Third Apartment Party

Overall, the party was fantastic. There were fourteen of us. I got the whole male/female ratio thing worked out with 7 girls and 7 guys. Everyone brought beer this time and everyone paid, which covered more than half the costs of the party. Almost everyone seemed to have a great time and pretty much everyone was pretty trashed. There were a few games of beer pong and a couple of rounds of shots throughout the night.

In the way of planning, there were only two issues. First, I need to go purchase a couple of more chairs. There were enough of chairs, but if just one more person came, someone would have been sitting Indian style. Second, and this was a biggy, the junk food went stale. It went stale after about an hour. I think it was because of the amount of people in the apartment, the temperature and humidity of the room went up. However, there was plenty of pizza, the dip that one of the couples brought was very popular, and so were the brownies that one of the girls brought. I suppose the solution will be to keep a few windows open next time.

I have scheduled the next party for September 6th and will try to make them a regular monthly event.