Social Circle Game: Yummy's Birthday Party

I threw myself a birthday party this past Saturday. It was the first non-UFC party I hosted. The last UFC party went very well (I neglected to post an after-party report). The birthday party also went extremely well. I had about fifteen people over and there was plenty of room to accommodate them all, however I am very skeptical that I can fit many more than that.

What I Did New This Time

I placed in the bathroom a wine glass with peppermint candies (a la Johnny Wolf). This worked really well. I noticed that many people took the candies and it gave them a private location to do so without others realizing they wanted to freshen up their breath.

I had a digital camera and a digital video camera that I passed around. The result is that I have approximately 150 photos and three hours of video that I can post online and which I have posted online. This will help promote future parties, since people will see how the prior parties went and what it is like to attend and it also adds social proof.

I added weather stripping to my apartment door to help reduce noise going into the hallway and thus potentially disturbing my neighbors who have yet to complain about any of my parties.

Things I realized

A party consisting of fifteen people requires three pizza pies to be ordered, never four. I have been having trouble ordering the right amount of pies and I keep overestimating. The final conclusion I have come to is that three pies is the right amount for 15 people. One plain and two pepperoni. If there are ten people, then two pies, one plain and one pepperoni .

Unlike a UFC Party that requires only three hours of entertainment before the MMA fights start, a regular party that will last approximately seven hours requires a bit more planning for entertainment. I plan on have several decks of cards available for different card games and proving shot glass checkers for entertainment. I may purchase other “party” type games.
People Need Chairs. I now have a total of twelve fold out chairs to support the amount of people that attend the parties.


I will have three regular parties year and one birthday party. Basically a party for each season. I have setup a calendar that I plan to adhere to listing all the types of social events I plan to host and when in the year I want to host them and have committed to sticking to that calendar. I am becoming the center/leader of my social circle which was the ultimate goal.



October 8, 2008 at 12:38 PM

Good job man! I have been following your posts on your efforts and it seems like things are getting better and better for you.

Happy Birthday, by the way!

I hope you keep working on building that social circle of yours. Eventually, social proof will be a given.