Approach: House Girl Look-a-Like


Long Island Bar


Girl sits next to me in Bar Booth


6 – Attractive (View My Detailed Rating Scale)


“Have you ever seen the show House? ”


“How do you guys know each other?”


Light toughing several times during interaction



Details & Dialogue

I want to preface this by stating that I was completely shit faced at this point in the evening. I just went out to have fun, not to approach girls. That being said, several friends and I went to a bar on Long Island and at one point in the night me and one of my friends sat down in a booth that was empty, except there were drinks all on the table, so I assumed at some point the drink’s owners would return.

I went to the bathroom and when I returned, sure enough there were new people in the booth. On one side was a couple and on the other was my friend all the way in the booth with a girl sitting next to that it appeared he was trying to interact with. I sat down right next to her and about a minute later I suppose the girl had enough of him and looked at me and told me she had to get out, so I let her out and my friend at that point decided to go buy some drinks. The girl that just rejected him reminded me of Cutty on the show House for some reason – basically a 20 something year old version of her.

Anyhow, she sat next to the couple and somehow or another a few seconds later she was sitting next to me. In my drunken state I don’t remember why she did this, but I decided to take it as an IOI (because why not) and said to her, “Have you ever seen the show House? ”

She said she watches it all the time and I told her that she reminds me of the woman who runs the hospital. She asked me if I was serious and I told her I definitely was and at this point, even though I was completely trashed, I’m pretty confident that I had hooked her. The only issue was that I botched it up right after. I asked her how she knew the couple, but at that point the couple were in their own little world and I should just have continued my interaction directly with her and made her qualify herself. She bailed a few seconds later and my friend returned with the drinks.

Conclusions and What I learned

It was just practice, even if I was inebriated.



November 12, 2008 at 4:48 PM

Hehe, that's a funny story. Just so you know, you have a small spelling error under your "Kino" you said light toughing instead of touching. Just thought you might care, I sure don't :P