Swinging: First Date with a Couple Scheduled

My Primary LTR and I scheduled a date with a couple for this weekend. Our original plan was just to spend time with them and see if we have chemistry and not move to a sexual level on the first meeting. However, we are in agreement that we are willing to engage in sexual activities with that couple if the chemistry feels right.

Depending on how comfortable we feel we may engage in sex between my Primary LTR and myself in the same room as the other couple and not swap, or, we may Soft Swap which means we would swap partners and engage in sexual activity short of intercourse, or, if we feel the mood is right we may engage in a Full Swap which means we would swap partners and engage in full intercourse.

At the moment we have about a dozen or so couples that are interested in meeting us in the very near future. The only issue is that I live a very active life, from the numerous hobbies I engage in, to a very intense social life, so at most we can managae is a couple a week. Keeping that in mind, there should be plenty of updates on this aspect of my life and for the time being I will keep posting those adventures here on this blog.