Swinging: First Time Visiting an Off-Premises Club

When it comes to swinging clubs, there are two kinds. The below two definitions are based upon how these clubs function in New York. There may be slight differences elsewhere.

  • Off-Premises: These clubs serve generally serve alcohol and while those who frequent the clubs are encouraged to dress revealingly and naughty, nudity is not allowed and there is absolutely no sex allowed on the premises or even at times in the parking lot of the premises. These clubs are met for couples and singles to meet each other and then depart to a home or apartment or other location do get down and dirty with each other.
  • On-Premises: These clubs generally do not serve alcohol, but you can bring your own alcohol. At On-Premises clubs, there are specific locations in the club where sex and everything that leads up to it is allowed. There are private rooms, there are sometimes rooms where orgies happen, nudity is allowed, etc. Generally unescorted single men (if they are even allowed in the club in the first place) are not allowed in the areas where people play with each other.

So, keeping those two definitions in mind, last weekend my Primary LTR and I went to an Off-Premises Club here in New York. It was really overwhelming. I completely shut down. We didn’t interact with a soul. Okay, that isn’t exactly true. When we were leaving we chatted for a little while with the couple that owns and runs the place, but other than that, we just watched, drank, and danced a little, with each other. Everyone was having a lot of fun, there were very attractive people there.

One thing that is interesting is that one of the couples we did see (but did not interact with) messaged us on one of the online services we use and wants to meet up for some girl on girl action.

We are hoping that the next time we go to this specific club we will feel more comfortable and begin to mingle with other people there. As for visiting an On-Premise club, we will be doing that no matter what on Valentine’s day, but more on that later :-)