Swinging: Results of Our First Date with a Couple

This weekend was the first time my Primary LTR and I went on a date with another couple for the purpose of possibly swinging with each other – or put another way, of swapping partners.

We went to the couple’s house for dinner and spent the evening socializing with them over dinner, dessert, and drinks. It was a very interesting experience. Overall we had a good time, but not quite in the way we were hoping.

In general we enjoy sexually aggressive females and men (if they are not creepy), but this couple was far from that. Rather they acted like a lot of our vanilla friends.

Quick Side Note: The swinging community is very similar to the pickup community in many aspects, and one of those similarities is that it has its own jargon/terminology for things. A vanilla friend/person is someone who is not part of the swinging community.

So, basically it felt like we were hanging out with a regular couple. There was little to no sexual tension, flirting, or anything of that nature. The girl was extremely shy, which is likely the cause the lack of sexual tension. In many cases, females that swing are bi-sexual or bi-curious. This makes it very easy for things to move in a sexual direction since the females can hookup first and then the men can join in and then swapping can actually then begin to occur.

Because of her shyness, we felt that the sexual chemistry was lacking. In the end, nothing sexual did happen for those that are wondering.

If they want to hang out again with us, we will give it another go to see if perhaps their female half will open up a bit. Otherwise, most likely they will be relegated to the friend zone.