Lay Report: Audrey


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I am going to call the girl Audrey.

I met this girl at a party at a friend’s house several weeks ago. She was the new housemate of my friend.

I had gone to the party with my Primary Long Term Relationship (PLTR) and at some point in the night I was left alone with this girl for a significant amount of time. Because I host parties regularly I had taken down her number earlier in the night, but at this point we both had quite a bit to drink and I was making a lot of sexual innuendos. For instance, at one point I accidently knocked a shot onto her lap and said to her, “oh no, I just made you wet, what are we going to do now?” You get the drift. I built absolutely no rapport. I only knew her name and basically nothing else (One thing of note is that she just recently broke up with her long term boyfriend on Valentine’s Day). We were just having a good time and I was just basically running social circle game the entire night. By that I mean that I established myself as a fun social guy throughout the night. I didn’t run routines or show sexual interest in anyone until Audrey and I were left alone and mostly I did that only because I was a bit bored and wanted to see what I could get away with.

At one point after people returned to the room Audrey and I were in, Audrey went to the bathroom. I was waiting outside the bathroom to use the restroom after her and when she opened the door to leave the bathroom she fell backwards against the wall in the bathroom. I went in there to help her up and she began to make out with me. She only stopped when someone in another room called her name.

Later on in the night Audrey was in the kitchen where coffee was brewing. The night was coming to a close and I needed a pick me up before heading out so I went to check on the coffee. We were the only ones in the kitchen and chatted briefly and then she began to kiss me and we started making out. However, she didn’t want to stop. My PLTR walked into the kitchen and finally Audrey stopped. My PLTR handled the situation completely fine and didn’t make any indication to anyone that what had happened fazed her in the least.

The following day Audrey sent me a text message. She wanted to know if my PLTR and I were okay after what happened the previous night. I informed her that my PLTR is completely fine and that we have an open relationship. Audrey then went on to tell me she wanted to hook up with me again then. I told her to have absolutely no expectations with me and she agreed she wouldn’t.

The friend that hosted that original party decided that she would have another get together the next Saturday to finish off all the Jell-O shots she made for the previous week that we never got to. At that party Audrey was consistently trying to get me alone with her to make out with her, and kept rubbing my leg and trying to put her leg on mine. She got really intoxicated and was slamming her phone and knocking over drinks. It was very unappealing and at that point I was pretty much turned off by her because of her behavior.

The following weekend Audrey wanted to hang out with me but I had other plans. She then txt messaged me asking if I wanted to hang out the following weekend, which would mark a month since I met her. I told her I would have to check my calendar and decided that I would hang out with her and if she acted in any way that turned me off I could always just end the night early.

This past Saturday Audrey and I went out to a bar and had some drinks. We had a good time, flirted, and built some rapport, and then made out. Now in all honesty I am very confident that I could have skipped the bar and went straight to the bedroom, but I wasn’t sure if I was interested. However, I was interested by the time we were leaving the bar. We went back to her place, I asked the requisite questions (e.g., when was the last time you were tested for STDs and what were the results), and then I went down on her.

The issue arose when I realized I had drunk way too much and I was having difficulty getting hard. This has happened several times in the past, but it is a psychological thing more than a physical. If I’m sleeping with a girl for awhile, it does not matter how drunk I get, I can get hard very easily; it is only with new girls that my equipment decides to malfunction when I drink. But this girl was not having any of that. She wanted to have sex and she wasn’t going to take any excuses.

She went down on me and played with me until I got hard. I slapped on a rubber and went to work. Overall it was a fun, playful experience that I would repeat.

The only issue is that because she is the housemate of my friend, some of my friends now know about my open relationship with my PLTR and I just like to keep most of my private life to myself. I think the fact that I actually have an open relationship and I slept with her housemate has made her feel uncomfortable, which I somewhat cannot blame her for since when I was going down on Audrey she was moaning loud enough to wake the dead, and she definitely woke my friend up.

Conclusions and What I learned

Girls are looking to hook up with guys for any number of reasons, but when a girl is really interested it is almost a done deal baring the guy not being interested or really turning the girl off. In this case, Audrey had recently ended a long term relationship and I was probably the first attractive and fun guy to give her attention after the breakup so it was fairly easy. She was looking to hook up, if it wasn’t me it would have been someone else.