Swinging: First Time Visiting an On-Premise Club

Last weekend my Primary Long Term Relationship (PLTR) and I went to an On-Premise Swingers Club.

An On-Premise club is a club which sexual activity is allowed. Generally they have a separate section where partygoers can get nude and have sexual intercourse with one another. There are private rooms that have curtains, public rooms where everyone can clearly see what activities are going on, etc. This particular club even had a sex swing set up. Some clubs only cater to Couples only, others also allow Single Women, and still more also allow Single Men (though with different restrictions on days or screening methods).

In New York most On-Premise Clubs (including this one) do not serve alcohol, but they do have a juice bar (they serve soda, juice, pretzels, chips, etc.).

A lot of the more exclusive clubs screen not only the men, but also the couples. Some screening mechanisms are to see photos of the individuals before and others require having a current couple of the club vouch for the applicant.

The club we went to was NOT one of these very upscale clubs/parties that require a $150 to attend for couples and even more so for single guys and implement strict screening procedures.

We went on a night where it was free for couples (this was the main reason we checked the place out) and single men would be allowed in following 11:30 p.m. We thought it was a good chance to check the place out and not have to pay for the experience.

According to the nights total there were 16 couples and a whole lot of single men. I felt the place didn’t exactly do a good job of screening the men coming in. The club had said that upscale dress was required, but some of those they let in were far from it. These men paid $40 to enter the club.

The first odd thing we noticed was the creep factor of these guys. We walked into the play area (the area where people have sex) and immediately every guy in the place basically followed us in there. They were hovering. No one tried to speak with us, they just hovered. So we left the play area. Now I know how girls feel when a guy hovers and does nothing. 3 Second Rule guys.

So we hung out at the juice bar for awhile and every now and then we would go into the play area to see what was happening.

None of the couples interested us. Even the ones with attractive female halves did not also have an equally attractive male half.

By the end of the night three men opened us. Two were friendly, but we weren’t interested. They third one was creepy and tried using a weather opener to open us.
People did have sex however. One woman dragged her husband along with two other guys into one of the rooms and had a foursome. All those creepy single guys would run over to the room and even though the curtain was closed still peer in to watch the action. It was really a turn off.

The oddest behavior was the male masturbation. There were guys that would just sit down not too far away from us and stare at my PLTR and jerk off. They pulled out their little friends and start pumping away. Believe it or not, some people were creepier when they did this than others. One guy kept getting closer and the look on his face had such intensity to it that we had to just get up and leave.

So in the end, we didn’t play with anyone. None of the couples interested us (one did proposition us, but we passed) and definitely none of the guys interested us in the least.

What is really interesting is that if some of these guys dressed well and learned some social skills and didn't follow women around, they would probably see a lot more action at these types of clubs instead of throwing down anywhere between 40-100 dollars to just be creepy.