Orgies Do Exist – And I Had a Soft-Swap

Before sharing this experience I want to confess that I never really thought that people had orgies or that they were so common and what surprised me the most was that so many very attractive people would be involved in such things.

I am going to define an orgy as group sex where many people (6+) play with each other as compared to just many different couples swapping in the same environment but separate from each other.

On Saturday night my LTR (Long Term Relationship) – who we will call Samantha – and I were invited to a couples only swinger dinner party. We have recently been attending a lot of private parties but this was the first dinner party that we’ve been invited to. The party took place at a couple’s home and approximately a dozen couples attended. The rules and setup were simple, there was a cocktail hour that allowed guests to socialize, then dinner was served, and not too long following dinner, the party was moved to the basement where four beds were set up. Guests were not required to participate but if they wanted to watch they would have to do so in the nude.

For those wondering what types of people attend these parties, I have to admit I was very surprised at how attractive many of the couples were. They ranged from average to just plain wow.

We mingled with many of the guests but after dinner, one particular attractive couple caught our attention. They were both in their early twenties and were both attractive and just down to earth. We will call them John and Megan. After dinner we approached them and chatted for awhile. They were a bit shy, but to break the ice Samantha asked Megan if she wanted a drink. After the drink Samantha asked Megan if she wanted to make out. She said yes and we all proceeded down to the basement play area.

Everyone was naked down there and many of the guests were already playing with each other. The four of us stripped and sat down on a bed next to each other and Meagan and Samantha began to make out. Megan went down on Samantha and fingered her and then Samantha reciprocated. During this whole time a couple was having sex next to us.

After Samantha went down on Megan for a short period Megan asked if Samantha wanted to swap partners. At that point I made out with Megan and fingered her as she played with me and then she gave me a blow job while John went down on Samantha and Samantha gave John a hand job. Then I went down on Megan until she came. Shortly after we swapped back to our original partners (me with Samantha and John with Megan) and had sex with our respective partners. This was considered a soft swap which consists of swapping partners to the point just before actual vaginal intercourse.

While we were playing with John and Megan a massive orgy was forming on beds near us. There must have been about twenty people on those three beds all eating each other out, giving blow jobs, and having sex. We couldn’t even distinguish who was who. It has to be one of the most interesting sexual sights I had ever seen. And the moans and noises emanating from that pile of people was amazing.

We definitely had a wonderful time and exchanged contact information with John and Megan to hang out in the future and probably play again, possibly moving into a full swap where we have sex with each other’s partners.