Review of October’s Party

I had hosted my most recent apartment party this past Saturday and it was a complete success.

There were a total of 31 of us. Only a handful of guests flaked. Below are some reflections on the party:

New Additions That Were Successful

Food: In the past, for fifteen guests I would order four pizza pies. For over 30 guests I was unsure of how many pies I should order. I considered just doubling the number to eight considering that four worked well for fifteen guests. However I just felt that was way too much of one thing so I opted for less pizza and decided to supplement the pizza with wings. As a result, for the increased guest list I ordered 6 pizza pies (2 plain, 2 pepperoni, 1 sausage, and 1 meatball) and 3 dozen wings. My guestimate worked well since only three slices were left over. In addition to the pizza modification I added cheese cake to the dessert menu. It was served a couple of hours after the pizza.

Games: There were only two new games added to this party. The first was Left, Center, Right (LCR), which was not played. However, every time I host a party different games are played depending on the social dynamics and interactions of the guests. The second new addition was a game similar to Russian Roulette called Lightening Reaction. Basically four people hold a joystick. A light on the machine flashes with music playing. When the light goes off the first person to press the button on the joystick wins and the losers (the other three players) get a respectable electric shock. If a player presses the button on their joystick before the light and music stops they are the only one to receive the shock. It is very fun to play and even more enjoyable for the guests watching the losers reactions when they get zapped. The other games played during the night were Shot Glass Checkers, Flip Cup, Beer Pong, and Apples to Apples.

Liquor: We added some new drinks to the menu. The first was Captain Morgan’s Coconut Rum which happens to work very well mixed with Fruit Punch. We also had Bacardi Long Island Ice Tea which worked well as a shot.

Future Ideas

At this point in time my parties pretty much work like clockwork and run very effectively as is, but since I am a perfectionist I always look for ways to improve upon the experience.

Music: One idea I have is to add wireless speakers to both the kitchen and bathroom to extend the reach of the music without raising the volume of the music in the apartment. The problem with just raising the volume is that the louder the music is, the louder the guests are so they can hear each other, which of course increases the chances of complaints. 30+ people are loud enough, no reason to artificially raise the volume.

Cupcakes: Anyone in NYC who has tried cupcakes from Magnolias or the Buttercup Cupcake Factory know how great it would be to reproduce those cupcakes. That is just what I plan to do for a dessert option at my parties. I plan on purchasing a professional mixer and will make a batch of different flavored fresh cupcakes. I suspect they will be just as much of a hit as the chocolate fondue has been.

Frozen Drinks: I now have one of those Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker machines which are these huge blending devices that make it very easy to make restaurant quality mixed drinks very easily. I plan on implementing the machine at future parties.

Popcorn: I recently purchased one of those old fashioned popcorn machines which I think will be a blast to use for movie nights which I am considering beginning soon. Basically rent a newly released movie and then have a handful of friends over to enjoy. But of course it is a way better experience if you can mimic the movie going experience more effectively. So I plan on having nachos with cheese and popcorn available for the occasion.