Maintaining and Building Value on Facebook (v. 1.0)


Whether you use Facebook for social networking, business networking, or just for fun, your value is either raised or lowered based upon your actions on the site, how you interact with others, and how they interact with you. Studies have shown that Facebook generally accurately represents a person’s persona because it is generally difficult to fake friend lists and control who posts things on your wall. You can give people in your life the impression you go out a lot, that you know lots of cool and interesting people, but the truth of the matter is, if that is not reflected on your Facebook profile, then you will come off as inconsistent and your value will be lowered. You can’t fake going out a lot when there is no one tagging you on Facebook in photos depicting your lifestyle. The simplest way to increase your value is to live a cool and interesting life. Aside from that however, there are some strategies one can employ to increase ones value through Facebook and also strategies to employ that will prevent unnecessary loss of value.

When You Go Online

Cool people go out on Friday and Saturday nights. That or they are busy. What they aren’t doing is going on Facebook. After 6 p.m. on Friday or Saturday, you shouldn’t be signing into Facebook at all, but if you do, make sure you aren’t logging into Facebook Chat, any other IM programs, or making status updates, posting articles or videos, or commenting on anyone else’s updates. If you do you are broadcasting to the world that you have nothing better to do but spend your Friday or Saturday night on Facebook. Another big no no is making Friend Requests during this time period. Many people receive a time stamped e-mail when someone friend requests them telling them when the request was made. It says a lot about you if you are friend requesting a particular girl at 11 p.m. on Friday. The impression you are giving is that you are alone and doing nothing on a Friday night and thinking about that person.


I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it” – well the same saying is absolutely true when it comes to Status Updates. People don’t like negative people. Try to keep your updates as upbeat as possible. If you don’t, you are going bleed out your value very quickly.


It is your job to understand how the photo features and tagging features work and to control what images you have out there. You should be regularly uploading photos of you with other people in fun environments. This means two things: (1) You have to go out regularly – if you don’t, you obviously can’t fake this and you won’t have any photos to post, and (2) You need to buy a nice slim pocket camera. If someone tags you in an unflattering photo, untag yourself, plain and simple. You control your image. If you fail to do this, and you have photos of yourself looking like a cross eyed dolt passed out on the floor, then your value again has nowhere to go but down.

Relationship Status & Other Profile Information

I personally prefer not to list my relationship status. This lets everyone wonder. If you are involved with someone and are still open to play with others, by adding the relationship you are potentially excluding a whole group of potential female playmates. In addition, no one likes drama, so I say it is better to stay away from the whole “It’s Complicated” choice. In addition, I would leave most of the other information out. No one really cares if you are on here for dating, friendships, or networking, so leave it blank, and I would also leave out religion and political affiliation – again you don’t want to have potential female playmates dismiss you because you don’t meet certain requirements they have on their internal check list. When you are just sleeping with someone, it doesn’t really matter whether they are Christian or Agnostic or a Liberal or a Conservative, so it is better not to disclose.

In addition you want to keep the overall information load from Activities, Interests, Music, TV Shows, etc. concise and to the point. No one wants to read too much information, so keep it brief and leave out information you know will obviously decrease your value.

Building Your Friend List

You should be attempting to increase your Friend List as quickly as possible. Every time you meet a new person while you are out you should add them as a friend a day or two later. The friend request feature allows you to attach a message to the request. I suggest that you add a very brief note on how you met – e.g., “Met at Yummy’s New Years Eve Party :-)”

I only have one exception and those are girls you are attempting to sleep with and who are available immediately to see. The less information they have about you the better-therefore you should merely be getting their phone number and making plans with them, not putting them on a slow track through Facebook.

Facebook Apps, Games, & Quizzes

Simply put: Stay away from them. By sitting there playing these inane games or taking these quizzes you are telling everyone on your Facebook you have absolutely nothing better to do with your time, hence a lowering of value results.

Baiting People to Interact with You

A busy wall shows others that people have an interest in you. There are two ways to bait people to interact with you on Facebook. The first way to go about this is to be active with commenting on articles and status updates that your friends post. They will be more likely to respond to your updates as a result. The quickest way of doing this is to just scroll through the most recent status updates on your home page when you sign on and just click the “Like” option whenever something interesting or positive is posted. The second way is to post articles, videos, or status updates that are interesting and provoke others to respond. Sometimes you might even want to ask a question in your post to encourage others to participate.


Pay attention to events you are invited to on Facebook. It takes a lot to put together an outing or throw a party and those that do will become insulted by those that do not even take the ten seconds required to respond to an invite. Chances are you won’t get repeat invites if you do not respond to previous ones. At the very least choose no.

But on another note, these invites represent an opportunity to meet new people. I encourage you to leave your comfort zone and attend events even if you don’t know many people attending, which will quickly allow you to expand your social circle. After you attend an event, just go back to the event page a day or two later and it will be easy to friend request those new people you met.


Facebook does a wonderful job of telling you when upcoming birthdays are. These present an easy opportunity to keep communication lines open with those on your friend list that you don’t normally interact with frequently. I suggest sending them an actual message instead of just posting on their wall since this will make you stand out from the rest of the herd of people who are bombarding their walls with happy birthday messages. If you have a person’s cell phone number, either call or txt them instead of going through Facebook. It is more personal.

Don’t Censor

If someone posts something on your wall that you don’t necessarily agree with I suggest you don’t follow the impulse to censor. If you do this you will likely offend the person who posted the comment and they will be less likely to continue to respond to items or updates you post.


As you can tell, this is more of an article geared towards social circle game and does not directly deal with how to pick up girls using Facebook, though much of what this guide contains is relevant to that topic. I will continue to update this guide as time goes on. If anyone has any input, feel free to share either by posting a comment or via e-mail :-)


Ivan Lezhnjov Jr.

November 25, 2009 at 3:17 AM

I've discovered your blog a while ago and it seemed quite interesting to me so I bookmarked it. Later I took a pretty close look at it and realized I just might like what you have to share so I added it to my RSS feed reading application. And this time I even have an urge to come back with a comment so here I am.

This is a nice post, it demonstrates key points in having a high value social-networking account.

I live in Ukraine and we have В Контаке social-networking web-site that is much like Facebook and most, like 99%, of what you wrote in the post I gradually figured out on my own... so, I can confirm that the concepts you outlined do really work, and they do work not only on Facebook in my opinion but on any other similar social-networking service.

I'd love to share a few fun techniques I personally use.

1. Profile picture and how cool you should look in it

Always have a good profile picture of yourself BUT you must not over do it.

If you've got a Hollywood movie star like quality profile picture but you look very different in most of the other pictures with you that will only cause devaluation.

I personally strive to find a sensible balance and make my profile pictures look just as natural as I look in real life while still having a touch of cool in it. This is something that works good and make people feel good when they discover that you really do look like that only your profile picture gives some sort of first good impression. This is crucial.

2. Provoking art as profile picture

One thing I did was I took a pink smiling smiley face with hearts above its head. It was a tiny picture so I resized it and made it look big and pixelated. It was just a very cute smiley face. I set my status to 'Single and disease free", and my relationship details are absent in my profile. Boy, I received many comments directly and indirectly saying that people felt emotionally very open and warm to me.

3. Provoking photoalbum

This one is a killer. I created an album entitled "A Beautiful Girl". I gave it a description explaining that sometimes people ask me about my idea of a beautiful girl and that I think how beautiful a girl is, is actually defined by a formula "looks+personality=beauty" and that there's a fluctuating balance between those two variable, and that every single girl is a particular case (this is something I genuinely believe in btw) BUT if someone wonders what I think is beautiful looks go to my album and see a picture of a girl. This is the picture I used: and yes I do really think this girl is smoking hot.

The deal is I had people viewing this picture and leaving comments. Not only close friends, but sometimes comments were left by girls who I knew not very well at all. I even had my ex-gf leaving a comment saying she couldn't believe I like how that girl looks.

That was fun!

Ivan Lezhnjov Jr.

November 25, 2009 at 3:17 AM

4. Upload stuff that people may be interested in

I met a girl and on our first date she mentioned she's crazy about pink color. A picture of a pink Suzuki GSX-R 1000 instantly popped up in my picture and I decided to put in on-line and tag that girl. While I was searching for that picture of a superbike via Google I found a Barbie Edition Volkswagen Beatle car. I put it on-line too and tagged that girl in all of those picture. I added a slightly flirting comments suggesting that superbike was for me and the car was for her as if we were planning to buy them or something, as if we've been in relationship for a long time by now. Now, this won't necessarily make her crazy about you or even cause her recognize that as a flirting but it certainly helped establish a more friendly communication line with that girl. I turned her favorite color into a game. She later saw my current profile picture depicting me wearing a white t-shirt with a writing saying "I LIKE GIRLs THAT DON'T SMOKE" (this is true) "don't smoke part" depicted as a sign prohibiting smoking. So, she later wrote on my wall that it was a very nice t-shirt (she lives a healthy lifestyle too) but it was a pity it wasn't pink. I told her she should buy me one if she wants to see me in pink. Blah blah blah. Long story short, upload interesting, funny, provoking pictures that people might like. They will like you for that. Another example, my friend loves old rock bands such a AC/DC. I made a picture of a rack on top of which there was a glorious writing AC/DC, uploaded that picture later and tagged my friend.

5. Make them feel special by separating them from the rest

Should be used with caution and properly. I have an album entitled "Cool kidz" (loose translation) with pictures of people I genuinely believe are cool. This is just something that communicates - I really think you're special AND this is something I haven't seen yet anyone do. Why do I let you in on this secret? Well, I'm all about sharing the knowledge ;)

6. Make them feel special pt.2
I have cool video clip with a guy singing about the the following. The lyrics goes something like "your friend asked me to tell you something, something that is so simple yet often hard to say... I LIKE YOU! I DO REALLY LIKE YOU!". Now this is a very funny, original and cool video clip. I tag people I genuinely like and/or find interesting. No hypocrisy! NO NO NO! Stay genuine no matter what.

7. Share your passion.

Whatever it is. In my case it's music. I'm listen to a lot of music and when I find awesome track I always want to share it with people. So I do just that. Most of my friends and acquaintances are fascinated by music too so when I constantly post audio tracks to their walls this established a good communication line, it gives people a feel of caring on your side. It also builds your friendship over time and make people want to post back some cool songs too and generally speaking communicate with you.

All in all, stay true, cool, genuine, interesting, fun and easy-going person. Everywhere. Not just on Facebook or MySpace.

PS: Damn I wrote that much valuable information for free... I should get paid I guess. Would you care to pay me for this post eh?