I’ve Met a Fake PUA “Guru”

A couple of weeks ago I met a guy, L, at a party who is heavily into online product marketing. He has been reading books and will be going to a seminar on it. He basically creates websites that offers free “reports” if you subscribe to his newsletter with the intention of releasing a product down the line and offering it to his newsletter subscribers or promoting the products of others and receiving compensation through affiliate links. Now this should sound familiar because a lot of PUA “Gurus” do this. HOWEVER, I was fascinated to learn one of these websites he started had been a pickup website.

I played dumb and he explained to me that there is a very popular niche market that is potentially profitable and he originally planned to attract subscribers to his newsletter with the hopes of creating his own product but he decided not to pursue it ultimately because the market is very competitive. Yea, no shit. It is competitive with people that are actually PUAs who offer real products of value, bootcamps, seminars, and infield videos of their abilities, not wannabes that really have no real value to offer in exchange for cold hard cash – those people disappear like L has, but sometimes not before they take some poor smuck’s money. It takes countless hours of building the knowledge base and then the practical expertise to be consistently successful with women and I found it not only amusing but a little pathetic when I see someone clearly knows such a community with a wealth of knowledge exists and instead of really learning from it and offering real value he is trying to exploit it instead. Very sad.