Review of RSD's Free May 6th Seminar

Last thursday, May 6th, I attended the Free Real Social Dynamics seminar held in New York City.  Overall it was pretty interesting.  Tyler is an excellent public speaker and is quite funny.  He went over some key concepts to game and also introduced us to a couple of in-field videos of him in action.  They were offering an 8 hour seminar featuring many many more in-field videos called Hot Seat that weekend for a very reasonble fee but I chose to pass since it would occur in the same location and after sitting there for three hours for the free seminar my back was killing me, I couldn't even begin to imagine what 8 hours would feel like.  This was the second free seminar I've attended from RSD.  At this point I would definitely recommend attending one of these types of seminars if they are ever passing through your city.