Lay Report: Cristine

On Friday night I went out with a friend who I have known since College. She was newly single and wanted to go out and have fun. In the past I’ve tried to have a threesome with her but things never progressed to that point, though we remained friends. Periodically she would give strong indications that she was interested in sleeping with me.

She is Chinese and comes from a traditional Chinese background which means casual sex with such a girl is a bit different from how typical seductions would go if say you were attempting to sleep with a typical white American girl. I made the mistake a few weeks earlier at a party she threw of being my usual sexually confident self which turned off her traditional Asian friends immediately. Apparently one of the worst things to occur in the Asian culture is to lose face among friends and since her friends disapproved of me I decided to interact with Cristine much differently than on past occasions when we went out on Friday.

I decided instead of being my overly sexual self I would tone done my behavior dramatically. I decided I wouldn’t talk about sex, girls, no sexual kino, no overt flirting. Just be cool, laid back, do light kino and have fun over drinks.

When we originally made plans I gave her a compliance test. I told her that I wanted her not to look like she just rolled out of work after a long day in the office. She told me should would shower and put makeup on and I told her I expected her to dress nice as well. She told me should wear a nice dress. I like girls that try to look good. I hate when girls don’t respect themselves enough to look decent.

When I got to her place she was wearing a nice dress and shoes and all done up. We were off to a good start. I went in to use the bathroom and then asked her if she minded that I left my keys in her place so I didn’t have to carry them to the bar with me. This gives me a legitimate reason to HAVE to return to her apartment after the bar.

We walked to a bar that was about a ten minute walk away and the entire time she was asking me about my adventures in swinging (she knows about that aspect of my life). There was really no changing the topic with her, she had lots of questions. When we got to the bar we ordered a couple of drinks and hung out by the bar.

I decided to get first round. Offering to buy the first round makes you look generous but at the same time you are actually not spending any money on the girl because she is paying for the next round. After that, since people finish drinks at different speeds you can just buy your own drink when yours runs out and she can do the same for herself.

While we drank and had a good time I made sure I locked myself in by leaning back against the bar and having her face me. At some point we danced. A couple of times she made comments along the lines of how good of a friend I was and without any legitimate reason to do so that we would never sleep with each other. I have not at any point told this girl I wanted to sleep with her. I’ve always told her the door is open if she would like to have a threesome with my girlfriend and I, but never that I wanted to or intended to sleep with her. By her bringing it up, especially more than once, that told me she had sex on her mind (not that it wasn’t obvious from the topics of conversation she chose), but more significant, was that she had sex with me on her mind. If a girl says the two of you are not going to have sex and she is the one that brought it up, then more than likely the two of you are going to have sex.

She would keep asking me if I thought this girl or that girl was attractive and what kinds of girls I’ve slept with (ethnicities) and were there differences between them. At some point I laid a foundation for having no strings attached sex. I told her I do not get emotionally attached to people I sleep with and if I do become involved with a friend I would only sleep with them once or a month or so and not make it a regular thing but that sex among friends is nothing more that sharing a fun intimate experience with each other.

Many Asians have trouble processing alcohol and as a result cannot have a lot to drink. After two drinks Cristine was drunk, though in a good way and not in the sloppy sort, and told me she wanted to head back to her place. We left the bar and held hands on the way back to her apartment. Once there she asked me if I would like anything else to drink and I ended up having a shot of Jager.

We went to the couch and I put my arm around her. She was talking, though I cannot remember about what. I started feeling her up a little and then started making out with her. I told her we should go to the bed and took her by the hand and led her there. She asked me if I had condoms and I said of course. She stopped for a moment and asked if I knew we were going to sleep with each other and I told her that I always carry condoms with me when I go out and I had no idea. She expressed surprise that I didn’t know. The truth is that I did know, but girls want to feel that sex is spontaneous and exciting, not planned out. It has to feel as though it just happened.

I started taking off her clothes and mine and making out with her on the bed. There was a slight amount of verbal last minute resistance with her asking if we should really do this. I told her it felt right. She didn’t protest and I worked my way down her body and went down on her. As I was going down on her I slipped a condom on and as I came back up I started making out with her and slid my cock into her pussy. I actually came pretty quickly, which is a shame. I never quite understand why one night like Friday night I cum after a couple of minutes and on say for instance the next night where I fucked a really fun girl from Argentina that I could pound away at her for twenty or so minutes without an issue. But back to Friday night. I decided to go back down on her to give me time to recover. After a few minutes she said she had to pee and when she came back I went as well. I came back and she was passed out on the bed. I laid down next to her for a little while, got bored and decided that since I had a hard on again I would go for round two. This time I was pounding away at her and she told me to fuck her harder and then I noticed she was bleeding. I did kind of get turned off by that so I let myself cum and when I did so she said to me that I wasn’t even hard anymore. I told her of course not, I just came, and that she was bleeding. She did warn me that if I fucked her very hard she might bleed, but I didn’t think that would really happen. Anyway, she seemed exhausted after that. I got dressed, wished her a good night and headed out.